5 Ways To Find Zen In A Chaotic World

Posted on 04 July 2016

In an increasingly chaotic world, it is becoming more and more difficult to find your zen. We forget what it is like to be living; to just be. We are becoming more and more caught up with ifs, and buts. It is time to find your zen today and start living again. Here are 5 quick ways to finding calm within the chaos.

  1. Look up

Do you ever catch yourself staring at your feet as you rush from point A to point B? You are missing an entire world above you! Look up at the sky and take in those precious breaths.

  1. Affirmations

Beautiful, meaningful, and positive affirmations are key to help purify thoughts. They have the ability to restructure the dynamic of our brain so we are ready to take on the world. Find the affirmation that speaks to you. Memorize it and recite it to yourself.

  1. Laugh

Positivity and negativity cannot occupy the same space. Try it. Laughter is a great way to clear the negative thoughts from your mind and invite positivity and zen to inhabit your brain. Put the biggest, goofiest smile on your face. Break into song and dance; invite your friends and co-workers to join. It will help you find a sense of zen.

  1. Let go

Nothing is worth more than you. You sacrifice yourself when you hold on to anything. Instead, focus on the present- the here and now.

  1. Choose zen, peace, balance

Make the conscious decision to choose zen. Choose to be happy. Choose to look up at the sky; spread your arms and be in the now. Every action started with a thought. A thought is either positive or negative. Choose to radiate positive thoughts into the universe.

 Bonus Tip:


Give thanks. Give thanks to everything- no matter how small, you already posses in your life, for example, the wind on your face. When you are grateful, it is impossible to be angry. It is impossible to be grateful and angry simultaneously. It is also impossible to be fearful and grateful simultaneously. It is one of the most powerful choices you can make.

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